——— Indonesia, July 3rd 2008 ———

To: The Heads of United Nations’ Member States, andThe Distinguished Members of the World Community

Permit me to draw your attention to my first desperate call for help dated 11th June, 2008. I am compelled to write you again regarding this matter, since the situation has worsened.

Two of our ministers have issued public statements supporting the notorious Rizieq and his gang. They are: Mr. Ali, the Minister in charge of co-operatives and small scale industries, and Mr. Kaban, the Minister in charge of forestry. These two ministers represent two different political parties (Religion based, in this case Islam), supporting the government. Indeed there are a couple of such other parties, in support of the radicals. So far however, they have been supporting from behind the scene.

Such statements definitely have political implication, and have weakened the spirit of investigation of the Police Department.

Mr. Ali, in his recent statement, made an appeal for the release of Riziek and to declare his gang not guilty. Right now, only 7 out of more than 50 suspects originally detained are still in custody.

I once again make an appeal to World Community to help us in this matter. In view of the latest happenings in Philippines and Pakistan – if these radicals are not punished, then not only this region, but the entire world shall become their playground.

Please help us……

Anand Krishna

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Response 1:

“We will help! We will write the letters. And PLEASE stay safe!!!! If you are NOT safe – come back to your home in Ojai, California! Love, Compassion, Kindness, Joy and Inner Peace are your birthright – share them generously with all life and you will experience heaven on earth, as will all you touch.

– Jill Townsend, Chairperson Council of Grandmothers, Ojai Chapter

Response 2:

From: Marilyn Salas
Sent: Thursday, July 03, 2008 11:56 PM
To: Konsulat Jenderal RI di L.A. Calif. Amerika Serikat
Dr. R.M. Marty M. Natalegawa – Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the United Nations
Trie Edie Mulyani – Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in New York, the United States
And to various news media and agencies in the United States

Cc: foreign@nytimes.com; info@ap.org; washington@nytimes.com; rachel.meranus@prnewswire.com (and more )

Subject: Violent Act Against Peace Demonstrators in Jakarta, Indonesia on 1 June 2008

Dear Honorable Subijaksono Sujono,

My heart is heavy that I even feel so compelled to write this letter…

I have known the writer of the attached letters (Part I and Part II), Anand Krishna, since 1993. Anand Krishna (“Krishna”), as you may know, is a very well-known spiritual leader and peace advocate in Indonesia. I met Anand Krishna while my husband, Robert Salas, and I were living in Indonesia in the early 1990’s. We were attached to the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta for two years. (Robert worked for the Federal Aviation Administration at that time, and his job was assisting the Indonesian government with an aircraft project.) First, I must say, we loved Indonesia…we loved the people of Indonesia, as well as their rich and diverse cultures! We have had regular communication with Krishna since that time, and Krishna has also visited us here in our home in Ojai, located in Southern California. To say the least, we have maintained a strong and enduring friendship over these many years!

I am writing to you to bring to your attention a reported horrific act of intolerance, brutality, and violence directed against peace-loving citizens of Indonesia by 200 Muslim extremists and radicals. My husband and I were both shocked beyond words about this June 1st incident of aggression and bodily harm, which was inflicted on innocent people who were gathered only to celebrate peace and diversity, which is a tenant in your country’s Pancasila. And, to go further, this incident apparently is not being handled with the appropriate justice in prosecuting these criminals that is truly deserved.

I ask you to read the attached letters written by Krishna for the details of the June 1st, 2008 incident in Jakarta. I plead with you to please do what you can…whatever is in your power to see that rightful and deserving justice be brought to pay for this life-threatening attack….that those responsible for these brutal acts remain in prison, and be judged by your courts…and to insure that future peaceful demonstrations have sufficient police protection. I am very, very concerned that my friend Anand Krishna, his Ashram friends, and other peace leaders and demonstrators, will be targets again for these criminal forces of intolerance and harm….I am extremely concerned for their safety!

I strongly appeal to you to do whatever you can to see that sacred justice be served, to take steps to insure that innocent people be protected, and that their rights as citizens of Indonesia allow them to practice their belief system (either publically or privately)…whatever that belief may be…that these basic human rights be protected! The cherished freedom of belief for all individuals in the diverse segments of societies and cultures around the world, including the right to assemble in peaceful ways, needs to be honored in every country of the world….let Indonesia be the model for the world in supporting and protecting these basic human rights…upholding the dignity for each individual…upholding the dignity for all of humanity!

Most sincerely,

Marilyn Salas
Ph: 805.640.7101
Ojai, California

Response 3:

From: Robert Salas

(Attached to the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta for two years in the 90s, Robert worked for the Federal Aviation Administration at that time, and his job was assisting the Indonesian government with an aircraft project.)

Subject: June 1 Incident


I am writing to express my deep sympathies for the intolerable attacks on your people on June 1 and to re-affirm our support to the cause of insuring that the world public knows of the deteriorating human rights situation in Indonesia. Please let us know your ideas on how we can help. Marilyn and I will be meeting with Carl and Jill in the coming week to discuss possibilities. In advance of that meeting, please keep us informed of your latest efforts and the response of the government and any particular details that we should know.

Carl and I spoke briefly about this and we are of the opinion that you might consider going to your ashram in Bali for better safety considerations. Please consider that possibility.

I agree with your stance to object publicly and vigorously about the injustices of the incident. With regard to the political-religious aspect of the attempt by some radical groups to bring a radical form of fundamentalist Islam to Indonesia, of course I would not like to see that happen to your country. However, right now, as you know better than I, Islamic fundamentalism is being promoted and supported in many parts of the world. This is a war for hearts and minds. I have no doubt that these radical groups in Indonesia are intent on transforming your government by force, if necessary, and have the backing of outside forces. The question is, who in your government is seriously opposing them and who are supporting. You also have to consider the ugly aspect of the corruption/seduction of government officials. You also need to consider which media outlets have the courage to oppose this. Also, what does the Islamic leadership have to say? In other words, who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? As history in other parts of the world will attest, this is a messy and dangerous business.

Peace, my friend