Aum (Sometime Spelled and Pronounced as OM), as believed by the ancients, is The First Sound – The Pranava. In the language of modern physics, it is The Big Bang. However, unlike the modern belief, It did not only occur in the past, It is still occurring right now.

When gross, you can hear the sound.
It is the sound of breeze, of air, of running stream.

When subtle, you have to make special effort to listen to it.
For it is coming from the deep recesses of your heart.

Failing to hear the gross and listen to the subtle, we are confronted with its roar. Sometimes it takes the shape of merciless typhoon, earthquake, mount eruptions and floods, sometimes that of uncontrolled emotions and anger arising from our own selves.

It is therefore important, that we hear the Sound and listen to it. Hear the Gross with our ears, and listen to the Subtle in our heart. For, this very sound connects us with ourselves. It connects our bodies with our souls. It connects our actions with our speech, feelings and thoughts. It is the Cellular Connection inbuilt within our very beings. It is something that we inherit from the Existence. It is the Presence of Existence within us.

When our energies are directed to hearing the gross and listening to the subtle, both at the same time – it is called Meditation. It is the Expansion of Awareness. It is Not Concentration, but De-concentration. Then, you are not confronted with the roar. The roar may be heard too, but it would not affect you. It cannot, for you are already connected. The roar is meant for those who are not yet connected.

I have heard the Sound, I have been listening to it…… and, I would like to connect with you. I would like to share my hearing with you – that is if you permit me to do so!

Coming to the title of this URL: Aumkar Dot Org:
There is an ancient prayer in Sanskrit that to me sounds very scientific and prophetic:

Aumkaaram Bindu Sanyuktam
Nityam Dhyaayanti Yoginah
Kaamadam Mokshadam Chaiva
Aumkaaraaya Namo Namah

Prophetic, for it was composed almost 5000 years ago in the Vedic Age – when the first scriptures were put into writing. And, it gave a clear hint about what kind of language we would be speaking in.

Aumkaar is The Pranava, The First Sound, The Big Bang, The Cellular. Bindu means Dot. Sanyuktam can either be translated as Com or Org, Company or Organization. It can also mean Union. So, it has become our URL Address now.

Nityam means Daily, Everyday. Dhyaayanti is Meditation, Connection. Yogis are people aspiring for The Ultimate Union.

Kaama are Our Desires, Our Needs. It can also mean “Fulfillment of Desires”. Moksha is Freedom, Liberation. Chaiva mean Also or Etcetera.

Aumkaaaraaya – That Sound of Om. Namo Namah – Unto Thee I Seek Refuge.

A free translation, as I understand it, would run like this:

Those Aspiring for the Ultimate Union are in Constant Contact with
Aumkar Dot Org
(A Code that must be Uncoded)
I therefore seek refuge to the Same,
for the fulfillment of my desire for Freedom, Liberation.

You don’t have to agree with this meaning though, in which case you are free to find your own meaning. One that is more meaningful to you.

For me, finding this meaning has given birth to certain thoughts and feelings that you would be reading in the following articles.

Last, but not least, please bear with me for my vulgarity……
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The writer, along with many others, believe that terrorism exist in the minds of people. As such, it is the human mind that must be cleansed. All other efforts shall be futile, of no use at all.

Do please make your donation only if you are convinced of what we are doing. Whether you decide to make such a donation or not, do please enjoy reading the articles in this site and take time to write your comments – I shall consider myself blessed already.

Love and Blessings Always……
anand krishna

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