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Let Us Go Back to the Times of Ramayana and Mahabharata….

The term “Hindu” did not exist then… We were not divided as we now are, both geographically and Dharma-cally (just coined a new word). We all were people of the planet, the Earth People. We revered Mother Nature. We respected the forces and elements of Nature.
We lived as one family. Yes, as in any normal family, we also had our normal fights and conflicts among siblings. We did go to wars too. But, we did not kill each other in the name of faith or some belief system. How could we, for we all embraced the same Dharma, which is now referred to as Hindu, Sanatana, Paganism, Animism, and etcetera.
Our wars were fought over Dharma – between members of the family who adhered to Dharma, and those who tried to spin the tenets of Dharma to comply with their fancy, thus earning themselves the title of Adharmika.

This is an Ongoing War.

The topic here is not about Dharma versus Belief Systems or Institutionalized Faiths. It is about Dharmaversus Adharma. Within our own Hindu Fold, there are people who follow the tenets of Dharma, and there are people who side by Adharma.
Ravanas and Kamsas – the legendary villains – are everywhere, both inside and outside; within our Hindu fold and outside the fold; indeed, within each one of us.

The Positive Thinkers and Motivators

will tell you to push them under the rug and forget all about them. We, Hindus, however – at least those who adhere to the tenets of Dharma – do not belong to the category of such positive thinkers and motivators.
We opt for Positive Attitude – that is to see the negativity as negativity, and positivity as positivity. We do not beat about the bush, we call a spade a spade, and make use of it as and when required. We do not go around terrorising people with a spade in our hand.

Thus, if We are Truly Committed to the Cause of Dharma,

it is urgent and imperative that we identify the Adharmika among us, the Pseudo Hindus. They are doing more harm to us than those outside the fold. They are not only attacking Dharma, but betraying it. They are more dangerous, for they know what is cooking in our kitchen, and they can poison our food anytime.
The pesudos can be found in all fields and professions. They can be professionals, professors, politicians, entrepreneurs, administrators. They can be poor, and they can be rich. Both Ravana and Kamsa were kings; whereas Manthra, the maid servant who conspired to have Rama exiled, was just that – a maid servant.

How Do We Recognize Them?

Easy. First and foremost, they are ever engaged in self glorification. The great Hindi Author Acharya Chatursen writes in his book “Vayam Rakshamah” that that very phrase used by Ravana as the motto of his state brought about his downfall.
Vayam Rakshamah – We Protect – in his arrogance, Ravana, a great devotee of Shiva, was unable to comprehend that It Is Dharma That Protects!
In the sixteenth chapter of Bhagavad Gita, Krishna explains the qualities of such adharmika, and calls them the people with demoniac qualities:
“Today I got this desire fulfilled, tomorrow I will get that one; all these belong to me, and soon I will have more….. I have already subdued many of my opponents, and soon I will subdue the rest… Who is my equal?” Thus think such ignorant fools….. Attached to their ego, to power, to arrogance, lust, and rage, they disgrace Me – the True Self – within one and all.

Let Us Not Be Deluded by Ravana’s Devotion toward Shiva!

Let us not be fooled by his Hindu Garb. The garb does not make him Dharmika. We have seen how both the politicians and aspiring politicians use such garb for power, for status that is not sanatana, not lasting. How can they be Sanatanithen?
Where Hindus are in minority, such adharmika pseudo Sanatanis often use the minority status for their personal gain. They move not an inch if there is no material or political gain, and social recognition.

They care less for those who are actually suffering. Indeed, they will join hands with other adharmika forces if it suits them.

They actually have nothing to do with Dharma. Beware! Keep them away, lest you get contaminated, you get affected and infected by their adharmika nature. More when we meet again…..