Self-Awareness and Mastery over senses
being the end and goal of life,
why should I then involve myself
in the affairs of the world? I am truly confused.

True, Self-Awareness and Mastery over Senses
is the end and goal of life.
But, you still have to work to attain it.
Work in accordance to the role given you.

If you are a Thinker,
then you can attain to it
by understanding the very
process of thinking.

If you are a Laborer,
then you must reach it
through your labor,
by fulfilling your duties and responsibilities.

And, you happen to be a laborer.
You must labor your way to Perfection.
You cannot attain to it,
through any other way, my friend.

Indeed, no one can actually
remain without work.
A thinker also labors.
Thinking is the work that he or she does.

Of what use is pretending to be quiet,
and sitting in one place without work,
if your thoughts are ever moving here and there?
It is better to work without self-interest.

The Law of Cause and Effect governs all life.
One can never free oneself from such law,
unless one dedicates himself or herself
to working without self interest, in the spirit of Offering.

Know the entire creation to
be created in the spirit of Offering.
By the same spirit of Offering, of Service,
all your needs are being fulfilled by the Existence.

Render your service to the environment,
that is the clear most manifestation of Existence.
And, the Existence in turn will serve
and fulfill all your needs.

You are being selfish,
if you do not share your blessings with others,
and work for your benefit alone.
Such a person is no better than a thief.

Consider your work as worship,
offer its fruits to The Supreme One,
and accept all that you get in return,
as Its Grace, Its Blessing.

The food you eat is given you by Existence.
This very food ensures your health.
Be grateful therefore, toward the Existence,
and serve it by caring for the environment.

By serving fellow beings,
by caring for the environment