Krishna :
There is nothing new in what I am telling you now;
these same words have been spoken by me many times before.

Arjuna :
What do you mean, Krishna?
When, and to whom?

Krishna :
We have lived before, and died before.
I remember all my lifetimes in the past, you don’t.

Every time there is disharmony and discord,
“I” take birth to bring harmony and accord.

“I” am the sole dweller in all beings,
all that is movable and immovable.
“I” dwell within you as well.
Find “Me” within you – that is the highest attainment.

By finding “Me” with you,
all your desires are fulfilled.
But, yet you must work
in accordance with your role and nature.

Human being are given four different kind
of roles based on their nature;
such division though, does not
affect “Me” – The True Self within them.

The Scholars and Scientists serve the world by
sharing their enlightening thoughts and findings;
the Politicians, Diplomats and such must
serve the nation, the people at large.

Those engaged in Businesses and Industries
must take care of the economy;
whereas the Workers, the Labor are needed
to execute all kinds of tasks efficiently.

Whatever be your role,
work efficiently for the sake of work itself.
Do not think of success and failure.
Work to fulfill your role and serve fellow beings.

Working without self motive is the same like Worship.
This is the way to free oneself from the Law of Cause and Effect.
This way, whatever you do turns into an Offering.
Work ever therefore, in this spirit – with this awareness.

There are people, who make Outer Offerings;
and there are those who make Inner Offering by
curbing their desires and animalistic instincts.
The latter is desirable for it leads to Self-Attainment.

Those who worship outwardly do so
in many different ways.
They make charity, they study the scriptures,
they meditate, they pray and fast.
Let them do whatever they wish to do,
as long as they do it with full awareness.

Those who worship inwardly,
must live their lives in the spirit of service.
This indeed is the most desirable path,
that leads you within, to your True Self.

Should you be in doubt of your path,
seek the advice of the wise ones.
Learn from them to clear your doubts.
This is the way to Peace, to Bliss.