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Since Dharma is NOT a Belief System

that requires unquestioning blind faith, it cannot depend upon an individual or an institution for its survival. It is nobody’s monopoly. In our ignorant zeal, however, we often fall into the trap of believing so.
Be it a religious, social, political, or any other institution, Dharma is too huge, too big, too large, too high, too vast to be contained in any one single box. Indeed, Dharma does not need any of such boxes.
Similarly, a single individual, or a group of people in any field cannot claim to be the sole custodians of Dharma, and that the survival of Dharma entirely depends upon them.

Today We are Being Forced to Believe So

by several corrupt and paid media, by the employed brand managers, advertising agencies, and etcetera, and etcetera. They are bombarding us with propaganda that the survival of Dharma depends upon an individual, a religious leader, a spiritual leader, a social or political leader; or, an institution – religious, spiritual, social, political, or whatever.
Such claims are made by the cunning conspirators, and believed by the ignorant, who have not understood the strength of Dharma.

If we fall into the trap set by them, we will be reducing our Dharma to the level of an “ism”. We will be putting our Dharmaat par with the belief systems and faiths.

Let us not believe in those charlatans, for they would stoop down to any level for some silver, gold, and/or power. They use Dharma for their own benefit. They are not serving the cause of Dharma.

Their Fall is Imminent, Inevitable….

But, at what cost?
At our cost. At the cost of our right understanding of Dharma. At the cost of our sanity and sensibility. At the cost of our Svadharma – our personal Dharma – as a Thinking Human Being. We become blind followers and harm ourselves.
History bears witness to the vanity and folly of many such individuals and institutions. Hindu Dharma has been wiped out from the lands where the blind mass considered their kings as the very personifaction of gods, glorified, and followed them blindly.
A king converting and embracing a certain belief system or faith prompted the entire kingdom – wholesale – to leave the Dharma fold, and blindly follow him.

Yet, Dharma is Never Harmed by Anyone Leaving It.

Indeed, we are harming ourselves by leaving DharmaDharma is Sanatana – Eternal, Universal, Natural, Ever in Harmony with All Existence.
Those who adhere to the Principles of Dharma are ever in harmony with the entire existence. Those not adhering to the Principles of Dharma are ever in conflict with themselves, with others, for they are not in harmony with the nature, with the natural laws, with the existence. Thus they live and die in vain.

Wake up! Let us live meaningfully. Let us stop following blindly. Let us walk together and tread this path of Dharma fearlessly, for Dharma is our source of strength….