For, in many ways woman is superior to a man. Emancipation, on the other hand, lowers her status and makes it at par with man. Emancipation has a “Man” as its standard. It is a dirty word, for it does not consider the potentials of a woman. Woman’s standard and status, both are not recognized. She is made, rather forced to struggle to meet man’s standard. The question is: What for? Why should a woman struggle to meet such standard? Doesn’t she have her own standard?

From a spiritual point of view “Women and Men are Equal”. There the question of emancipation does not arise.  At that point, for that matter, standards and status are of no relevance too. They are simply irrelevant.

Here, we are not discussing spirit.
Spirit is beyond all discussions and arguments. It has nothing to do with agreements and disagreements. It Is. And, It Is Complete in Itself. No debate there, no nothing.

Here, we are discussing matter, which again is nothing but spirit in its gross form. That grossness is what we are discussing here. In their subtle forms, in their souls, men and women are still equal. They are not different. But, in their gross forms, they are definitely different. It is the grossness that makes the difference. And so, we must look sharply into this grossness.

I say, in many ways woman is superior to a man.
In other words, I am also trying to say that in certain areas man is superior to woman. There are areas where woman is superior, and there are areas where man is superior. Each is unique. Each has some special qualities. That makes them compatible to each-other. That makes woman and man complement each other.

So, first of all let us drop this debate about superiority and inferiority. Neither woman is inferior to man, nor is man inferior to woman. Both are equally superiors – in their own ways, and their own areas.

But, because I am writing about woman, so in this article I shall confine myself to the superiority of woman and discuss man only when necessary.

For that, we must come back to the subject of “grossness” and how does it make woman superior to man in many ways….. Let us check her brain first:

  1. It is scientifically, to be more specific, biologically proven now that the Pre-Frontal part of woman’s brain is larger than man’s. In woman, it also gets matured earlier than in man. Interestingly this part is related to one’s ability to exercise Self-Control.

You may like to refer to the scriptures, Vedic, Taoist, Buddhist, Jain, Christian, and Islam, whatever – they all agree on “Self-Control” being “The Highest Virtue”. It is therefore unfortunate and misconceived as well as misperceived when one quotes the same scriptures to prove woman’s inferiority and puts her under man’s sub ordinance. Such presumption would falsify the earlier common and universal statement found in all scriptures.

Indeed by this single virtue, women can make better leaders. If they develop skills to manage and organize, they can reach any heights. And, the good news is, they can make it earlier and faster than man.

  1. Amygdala in female brain makes her less aggressive and not easily given to anger, and last but not least,
  1. The Insula part of brain, that is larger and more active in woman, makes her more intuitive. Unlike man, she can perceive Truth, and therefore does not have to work with facts alone.

They can therefore make better judges, better advocates and attorneys, better in any given job where decision making is important.

She has got less muscle, so she is definitely not good at being a coolie or a porter. Those jobs can go to men. No problem.

She may be less of a thinker, she may not be good at philosophy, so let a man be Plato and Socrates. No problem again. She is more of a feeler, she feels better, she loves better – and that is what the world today needs. That is the need of the hour. She can fulfill that need.

Her chromosome is X-X, 23-23 – she is complete.
Man’s is X-Y, 23-22 – he is short by 1 mark. It is also known to all of us that “X” in man is inherited by him from his mother. X is Female Energy, which makes us move. A man cannot exist without X, he cannot exist with just Y-Y. Whereas a woman can exist without Y, she can exist with just X-X.

Often a woman is behind a man’s success.
And, that is but natural – for woman is the very personification of Strength. In the Vedic tradition, she is called Shakti. And, Shakti means Energy, Power, Strength.

Her strength lies in her softness and subtlety, which makes her loving and full of empathy. Women can therefore make great nurses. They care more.

As a mother she nourishes.
As a sister, a sibling, she supports.
As a wife or a lover, she strengthens.

I wonder if those who like to put her under man’s sub ordinance are as much aware of these facts as we are. And, it is for that very reason that they would like to see her under their, “men’s” sub ordinance. They know well that they cannot stand the competition.

In some countries women are chained for this very reason. They are not allowed to move, to grow. They are put behind the closed doors, under veils. They are confined within four walls. What suffocation! Unfortunately, some women have begun to believe in that as their destiny. This is shameful. Shame on the believers and shame on us who made them believe in it. There can be no greater blasphemy than this.

Women must know their strength. They must understand their role in shaping world’s destiny, world’s future. They are not helpless creatures living at the mercy of men. They are in this world to equally share all burdens and take part in all affairs.

This world does not belong to men alone.
It belongs equally to men and women. It belongs to beasts of the land and birds in the air. A woman, who does not realize this, does not appreciate her Being and Role in the Existence – indeed insults her very womanhood. And, such a woman cannot be helped. But, a woman does not need any help anyway. She is a help unto herself.

Therefore, stop fighting for emancipation.
Know it to be meaningless and senseless. Your womanhood is already yours; there is nothing to fight about. And, that womanhood is your strength. You are already strong. What is needed is just awareness, be aware of your strength. That is it.