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Hindu is NOT Just Another “Ism”

So, first and foremost, this has to be fixed. “Ism”are based upon dogmas and doctrines. They must have “a” book, a prophet, a savior, a messenger – and if there are more than one prophet, one savior or one messenger, than one of them must top the list. Similarly, if there are more than one book, then one of them must necessarily be more important than the others.
“Ism”are about belief systems. And, all belief systems must be based upon certain beliefs, certain dogmas and doctrines. The followers cannot doubt or debate those beliefs, dogmas, and doctrines. They must accept them as they are. Question NOT! Period.
Nothing wrong about following such belief systems, such “Ism”s. Hindu, however, is not one such belief system. Hindu is not an “Ism”.

Hence, When We Add the Suffix “Ism” to the Word “Hindu”,

– we lose the very spirit of non-dogmatic and non-doctrinal Hindu;
– we reduce it to a bookish belief system, whereas, Hindus actually regard their scriptures as pointers at the best; as guide books; as a means and not the end;
– we become exclusive as most belief systems are, and no longer all inclusive that Hindu actually is.

So, Hindu-ism is a Misnomer.

Liberate the Hindu Way of Life, the Hindu Science-cum-Art of Living from the suffix “ism” – and the first wrong thing is fixed. It is only then that we can appreciate the beauty of this non-dogmatic and non-doctrinal philosophy to live by. It is only then that we can understand the pristine pure spirituality that Hindu is, beyond all beliefs and all systems.
Hindu without “ism” is about dialogue. The Hindu Mind is not satisfied with monologues. To the Hindu Intellect, God is not just Transcendent and Abstract, but also Imminent. God is both Formless and with Form, for all forms are actually His/Her Form. Yes, God is all genders, at the same time beyond all.

More when we meet next…..