Q: It is so very difficult to focus on what i want…

A: Meaning, you actually do not want what you are trying to focus on. I am reminded of Svami Vivekananda. He “thought” that he wanted money. And, he was actually broke. He did not have enough to continue with his studies.

His master, Ramakrishna Paramhansa, asked him to focus on money, meditate, and “ask” Mother Kali, the Divine Feminine Principle for the fulfillment of his wish.

He could focus on money, and he did meditate too, but when it came to asking, he simply could  not do it. Instead, he asked for Bhakti, loving devotion. He asked for Shakti, divine poser, and he asked for Mukti, the absolute freedom.

Not once, not twice, but thrice he made the same “mistake”.
He would be all prepared to ask for money, but when it came to actually asking, he would ask for bhakti, shakti, and mukti.

His inner being, the inner consciousness was not into money.
Perhaps, you are facing a similar situation. What you

Q: I keep hearing that money is important, and i agree it is important. I want money, who does not want? But, i cannot focus n money.

A: You are influenced by people. You have been bombarded by society and workplace that money is all that is to abundance. It is not. And, this is what your inner self is trying to tell you. Abundance is much more than having money. Abundance is true wealth, it is something that never ever decreased. It grows and grows.

Abundance is the feeling of joy that comes from inner satisfaction. Abundance is beauty, abundance is love. Abundance is only felt when you access your true self, your inner being – and, such access can only be gained through meditation. Abundance is the way to living meditatively.

To live abundantly is to live meditatively, and to live meditatively is to live fully, to allow all faculties within you develop to their fullest.