Q: I have been reading James Redfield also. He believes in the Support Energy. I have been reading about Mandala, and that those who are on the periphery support the center, and the center reciprocates and supports them.

A: Read, review, and realize it only if you can accept the truth from that angle. Remember all angles are equally true and valid. What is not palatable to you could be palatable to others.

Talking about Mandala, believe in your own experience if you have one. Do not seek answers from others, they may not have any experience, or any knowledge about Mandala.

I was reading somewhere (http://www.scamfraudalert.com/showthread.php?t=2529&pagenumber=):  “…consider this. A recent article I read stated that 2 out of 5 people walking the streets of N.Y. were neurotic to the point where they needed professional help. 1 out of 100,000 people (in the US) are professional scientists………….That means that if you start asking the unknown public important questions about meaning in your life, the odds are much stronger that you are going to be answered by a bunch of nutsrather than 1 really smart person………..Good Luck….. and get a little faith in yourself.”

Mandala is what keeps the group of entities calling themselves “Abraham” together. Otherwise, they cannot stay together. Mandala is keeping them in communion with the Hicks, otherwise no communion would be possible. It is a different story altogether if both “Abraham” and the Hicks do not understand the mechanism of Mandala. They don’t have to. It is like we don’t have to know how to grow oranges in order to enjoy them.

Mandala, the periphery supports the Kendra, or the center. And, the center supports the periphery. Do you know why?

This is because the center and the periphery are inseparable. How can there be periphery without the centre, or the vice versa? It is inconceivable.

Each person in the mandala, including the centre has to work on his, or her own. Yes, they are responsible for their individual growth and personal evolution. Once, that responsibility is fulfilled, they begin to enrich each other.

Being responsible of one’s action is the initial stage, at the later stage a responsible person cannot not be responsible for the evolution of the entire cosmos.

This is Law of Attraction, or rather the Principle of Attraction that is beyond all laws…

Why would you stop at attracting greenbacks? Not that greenbacks are less important, they are important too. But, don’t stop at that. Go beyond, move on. The entire cosmos is there for you to attract!