By thinking positive we create a false sense of positivity.
The false sense of positivity triggers false emotions, and attracts falsehood, which are then falsely identified, mistakenly interpreted as positive feelings.

We may argue, “But, people do get rich by creating such false sense of positivity.”

Yes, sure they do.
They become rich, which again is the false sense of being wealthy.

Becoming rich does not make you wealthy.
Not that all rich people are not wealthy, there are many rich people who are also wealthy. However, the secret of their wealth, of true wealth, is not positive thinking. It is the positive “true feeling” – in Buddha’s word, “Bhavna”.

Bhavna is not emotion-based feeling, it is “true feeling” in the sense that it emanates from the innermost core of our being. It is the uncontaminated primeval feeling so clearly seen in the small children. It manifests as joy. Yes, it “manifests” as joy, what it actually is – we can never ever explain in words. For, all our words are mind and emotion based. Our language is the creation of our mind.

Joy, childlike joyous nature – this is the only manifestation of bhavna.
No other manifestation is possible. All other manifestations lead us to the realms of mind and emotions.

Now, this joy, and this joy alone can attract true wealth.
What is true wealth?

The answer can be found from the Sanskrit word for God, BhagavatBha stands for Bhagya, Destiny – one, who creates his own destiny, is truly wealthy.

Ga for Gyaana, a storehouse of wisdom – he/she is truly wealthy.

Va for Vaibhava, or rich/glorious… But also for Vairagya – or detachment. Richness, name, fame, and glory alone do not make us truly wealthy. It is the combination of all those and detachment that makes us truly wealthy. When we can enjoy all that we posses without being attached to anything, then we are truly wealthy. It is the realization that whatever we posses, material as well as what we understand as immaterial are equally impermanent that we become truly wealthy.

Last but not least, Na stands for Nirmal, meaning soft, subtle, egoless, prideless, one who is humble. This is the last attribute of a truly wealthy person.

Maker of own destiny, storehouse of wisdom, rich, detached, and egoless – these are the signs of a truly wealthy person.

How to attract true wealth?
By accessing our original, joyful nature… How do we do that?

Now, here is the missing link – the link that can trigger our joy.
What is that? Just one thing that can actually trigger the feeling, or rather the true feeling of joy – and, that is Beauty!

It is beauty that connects our true joyful nature with the core essence of all Existence. I am tempted to call this core essence love, but i would not do that, for love has become the most misunderstood and misinterpreted word. I would rather leave the core nameless for time being…

Get connected with beauty, bring to the surface your true joyful feeling, and you shall attract true wealth, not just the riches.

Be wealthy!