Q: Why is it that so many people relate this law with wealth alone?

A: Relating with wealth is alright, however money is not the sum total of wealth. True wealth is overall prosperity. True wealth includes health, happiness, relations, all.

What is amazing is the survey I was reading sometime back that says that almost 70% of those who study law of attraction relate it to money, and not wealth.

I have also heard of another survey a couple of years ago that showed that health, relation, and inner satisfaction mattered more than money to most of the people the world over.

So, this is actually funny.

More people feel happy when they are healthy, they have good relationship, and they enjoy inner satisfaction; whereas the law of attraction survey showed that money was most important to all those who considered themselves as the practitioners of the law.

First thing that is according to my understanding: there is no division between practitioners and non-practitioners. The law is universal, by whichever term you call it.

Another thing, around 1900, so many people suddenly talked about this law, and it took decades those days for people everywhere to begin talking about it. Not long after, there was the infamous crash of 1929.