Sometime back, when i was interviewed by Indian Press in Sarnath (India) regarding the Tibetan Struggle for independence, i suggested that all Tibetans boycott the chinese products. The communist regime of China knows only one language, that of matter, of material – so they must be dealt with using the same language.

I reminded our Tibetan brothers and sisters that it was sue to similar resistance that the South African regime finally shunned apartheid.

I am thrilled to read that the Palestinians are now FINALLY LISTENING TO GANDHI….. I suggested this to the Palestinian Ambassador to Indonesia many years ago, at that time the then Ambassador even promised to present my sentiments before President Yasser Arafat.
Indian Express dt. 26.03.2009. We were even supposed to meet, but soon after President Arafat fell sick and left us….


“Inspired by Gandhi, Palestinians to Boycott Israeli Products

Deriving inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi’s Indian National Movement, Palestinian activists in 50 villages of northern West Bank decided to launch a boycott campaign against Israeli products.

“We know change will go slowly, but we are determined to imitate what Gandhi did in India when he boycotted English salt,” Khalid Mansour, the chairman of the Popular Committees in Nablus told Palestinian news agency ‘Maan’.

As per official statistics Palestinians consume 2.6 billion shekels (USD 0.6 billion) worth of Israeli goods each year, Mansoor said.

28 per cent of this money is said to be spent on the purchasing cement from Israel.

Palestinians also consume 30 million shekels (USD 2.40 million) worth of medicines and 10 million worth of gold produced in Israel every year.

He said that subcommittees will be formed in each of the 50 villages to monitor the boycott and start awareness campaign at schools.”